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I’m a Neuer-haters-hater!

He’s the best goal keeper in the world. He’ll become even better. He’s German. He’s just the best transfer since many years. But he has played for Schalke…

And that’s why some stupid assholes named Schickeria don’t want him. They insult him and are nothing but ungrateful assholes.

I hate them. I was always amazed by their actions and choreos in the Allianz Arena but now I’m really disappointed. They call themselves „the biggest/greatest FC Bayern fans” but what am I for a fan when I like Neuer? I mean, I didn’t want him either in the beginning because Kraft was and is still very good but now I’m so happy to see him in that blue goal keeper jersey!

You must have one of the best goal keepers to win the Champions League. And there’s nothing more beautiful in the world than winning the Champions League in the own stadium, isn’t it? That wouldn’t have been possible with Kraft but now Neuer will help us to win the greatest trophy!

But that’s not possible when the Schickeria is terrifying our goal keeper. Neuer is now OUR goal keeper not Schalke’s anymore.

I hope that the Schickeria will notice that because Bayern has always been a familiar club for EVERY player! That’s why we had won so much in the last 20 years! And every Bayern fan or whatever wants his team to win; that’s why Neuer MUST be accepted by EVERY Bayern fan. I did. Do you?

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