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Wanted: Masochist

Some days ago another manager got sacked in Hamburg. Michael Oenning was the eleventh manager in ten years… Like under his predecessors Armin Veh and Bruno Labbadia, the team didn’t understand or rather didn’t want to understand Oenning’s tactical ideas.
Either the spoiled and expensive squad is really that simple-minded and couldn’t understand Oenning or the players just wanted to see a new clown and didn’t understand Oenning on purpose. Both options are quite shocking. In the team of the HSV are 18 (!) internationals or ex-internationals! They’re supposed to understand every tactical change, even if it’s a rotation they can’t comprehend. That’s their job!

Of course Oenning did some – for outsiders – inexplicable changes. There are many examples like the defense midfield: In the first games of the season, he always let play two new players on the perhaps most important position in the modern football. Of course that’s disturbing a team that is feeling lots of pressure. Because let’s be honest: The HSV supporters are apart from the VFB Stuttgart fans the most impatient ones in the whole Bundesliga! They already booed their team after few matches even though Frank Arnesen, Michael Oenning and the board of directors asked for patience.

Actually, the directors seemed to have lots of patience with Michael Oenning and his team despite many horrible performances like the one against Bayern Munich. This hiding in Munich was surely the ultimate breakup between a manager and a team that has never really fought for him. Oenning lost his last crumb of authority when he talked big and said that his team could actually win against the German record champion. But they lost 0:5 and were impressively shown up. I’m sure Michael Oenning had told and trained them how to defend against Bayern so that they wouldn’t lose heavily. But again his players didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand him…

The former FCN coach got sacked three matchdays later. In fact, they couldn’t dismiss him earlier because Arnesen and the board kept on saying they would trust Michael Oenning and they had promised to be more patient with their managers. But after the defeat at home against M’Gladbach, they had to sack him. You couldn’t call that bunch of players ,team’ anymore!

So Rodolfo Cardoso, a former HSV player and current manager of the HSV amateurs, took over the team and immediately won his first match against Stuttgart. But that doesn’t mean anything because Oenning won his first match as well… Anyway the HSV is looking for a new manager and of course they can’t find one.

Many rumors have already been spread. Marco van Basten, Morten Olsen, Markus Babbel and many other quite well-known managers have been approached but none of them wanted or could come. So Huub Stevens seems to be the most promising aspirant. I really think they are going to sign the Dutchman even though it will only be for nine months, according to Arnesen.

That doesn’t only mean that the HSV is afraid of being relegated, it also means that they’re braking their promise of a constant manager again. They did the same with Oenning, Veh and Labbadia… But this is by far not the biggest problem for Huub Stevens or the other new manager. He’ll come with new tactical ideas and this will disturb the team even more. The new manager will have to train some tactics that the players already know otherwise they won’t be amused and the same could happen again: the players don’t want to understand. So the new coach also has to talk a lot to the players to convince them of his ideas. I guess this will be pretty difficult because there are many players that seem to rather care about the money than about the HSV…
But there are still the very demanding fans. Since they want to see international games of their club, they won’t accept defensive tactics but especially Huub Stevens is known for this…

Huub Stevens or whoever the new manager will be, will have many huge problems to solve and he’ll have the brass neck otherwise he’ll mess this up with panache. The new manager really should be a masochist because then he’ll love working with that spoiled and overrated team and will probably success…

Thank you very much for reading this! 🙂 Please comment and rate (with the stars above the article) my article! 🙂 I’ll reply to every single comment for sure! 🙂

PS: UPDATE! I wrote this article in the morning. At that moment Huub Stevens was still an aspirant. Now HSV doesn’t want to sign him anymore because he had held talks with Schalke 04 in the afternoon.

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