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The new Argentinian Supernova

To be honest, I was pretty doubtful about Javier Pastore when Paris Saint-Germain signed him on August 6th. I had seen him playing only once back then, that was on the World Cup in South Africa against Greece. He came in for Sergio Agüero in the 77th minute and even though I had already noticed during these 13 minutes how gifted this young guy actually was, I wasn’t sure whether he was worth 42 Million Euros or not.

Like a boss

Like a boss

In the beginning, I wasn’t the only one doubting about Pastore. Of course I wanted him to adopt well and quickly but you can never know how a young man from South America settles in a new country with a new language and so on. Besides the new culture, Javier Pastore had just come back from the Copa America, where Argentina messed up with panache, and he had missed a huge part of the pre-season with his new team where he wasn’t the only new player. But since the more expensive a player is, the more pressure is put on him and most pressure was actually spread on Pastore’s strait shoulders.

But the number 27 has proved every reviewer wrong. So far he has scored 5 times and 4 assists in 13 matches. Obviously << el Flaco >> (the Skinny) has been integrated very well thanks to many team mates who speak either Italian (e.g. Sirigu) or Spanish (such as Lugano and Nene. His family is always around him as well and makes life easier for him. They take care of the day-to-day business such as looking for a house (he still lives in a hotel) so that Pastore can fully concentrate on his job for the two-time French champion. His fiancée often comes from Italy to visit him as well.

Actually the football played in the Ligue 1 is almost perfect for the 22 year old playmaker from Córdoba. The defenders do play physically but not as brutal as in Argentina or Italy. At PSG, Pastore is playing pretty offensive. He doesn’t have to defend as much as the rest of the team because Pastore can accelerate very fast, his technique is among the best in Europe and he grows in confidence with every successful dribble, shot or assist.
His stats are very impressive as well:

  • 29% of his shots are goals what means that Pastore is the third-efficient player in the French league.
  • 72% of his passes reach his teammates, thus almost 38 a game.
  • 39% of his dribbles are successful, on an average 4,7 a game.
  • 57 touches of the ball a game.
  • 16 goalscoring opportunities initiated by Pastore, on an average of 2,6 a game, what makes him to the best player in France.

But what about the career of this amazing player?

Pastore was born on 20.06.1989 in Córdoba, Argentina. He started his career with Talleres in the second division in Argentina. In his first and last year in the professional of Talleres, he only played five times. He signed at Huracán in the first division. He scored 8 times and gave 6 assists in 30 matches.
At that moment, many European top clubs such as Manchester United, Chelsea FC, FC Porto and Milan AC were interested in Pastore but in the end he took a wise decision and signed at Palermo. The Italian club had to pay 7 Million Euros for that unknown Argentinian. Pastore could progress without too much pressure and he already played 37 times in his first season in Europe. He only scored three times but he gave 9 assists.
Last season he even played 45 times for Palermo, he scored 13 times and gave 7 assists. Again the best clubs in Europe wanted to sign him but again he took a smart decision and went to Paris where he is the star and can progress a lot as well. Paris Saint-Germain had to pay 42,000,000 € but Palermo only received 23 Million Euros. Pastore’s agent Marcelo Simonian is a third-party owner and got 22 Million Euros (the agent fee is obviously included).
Pastore has been called up 11 times for the Argentinian national team so far.

Be happy!

Be happy!

The 1.87m tall guy is said to be very buoyant and he also plays like that. His style of play is simple but brilliant. He plays insouciantly, like a young boy. When he was still at the amateurs from Tallares, his team once played against the amateurs from Boca Juniors and he nutmegged five opponents in one half. The coach from Boca Juniors was pretty mad and asked Pastore’s manager to tell Pastore to calm down. He thought Pastore would have made fun of his players but he was wrong! The right footer doesn’t play to take revenge on his destiny but to have fun!

Even though Pastore is still very young, he has already been compared to two of the greatest footballers of all time. Some say he was equal to Zinedine Zidane. Like << Zizou >>, << el Flaco >> has a great technique and he already knows what he’s going to do with the ball before he gets it. On the other hand, some people compare him to Kaka thanks to his speed with the ball, his technique and his acceleration.

I do think that Pastore is already more or less equal to Kaka and he’ll become even better. It isn’t for nothing that Real Madrid already wanted to exchange Kaka for Pastore… But of course Leonardo won’t sell Pastore, he’s too important for Paris Saint-Germain. He’s for his club what Ribery is for Bayern, Messi for Barca, Rooney for ManUtd and Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid: indispensable!
I’m sure that Javier Pastore will bring the championship titles back to Paris because he’s one of the best players in the world at the moment and nobody should underestimate him, he’s terrific!

Thank you a lot for reading this! 🙂 Please rate this article and leave a comment! 🙂 I do appreciate every comment and will reply to every single one, I promise! 🙂


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