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Yesterday (05/11/2011) I came back from a four-day-trip to Paris. Of course there’s a deeper meaning why I’m talking about that in my blog! I won’t write anything about the Eiffel tower and the other beautiful places of that amazing city but I’ll talk about the match PSG against Slovan Bratislava that I watched on Thursday evening!


In fact I was the one who had the idea of going to the Parc des Princes on November Third. It was rather a coincidence that I discovered some weeks ago in the KICKER that Paris Saint-Germain was going to play at home against Slovan Bratislava on that Thursday we were in Paris. Of course I was pretty excited and since my dad is such a huge football fan as me, too, I asked him if we could probably visit St. Denis for this game. Luckily he immediately agreed and booked the tickets! I was even more excited to go to Paris back then because nothing can be compared to the amazing atmosphere in a football stadium!

Well, on Thursday we finally took the metro to get to the Parc des Princes. It was raining a lot, I really loved that but I couldn’t take any pics of the way to the stadium because of that.
When we came out of the metro station we first saw lots of heavily armed and equipped policemen. Unsurprisingly, because the hooligans of the PSG are said to be the most dangerous in France! It was pretty impressive to see so much policemen at once and they did control everything very well.
It took us some time to come into the stadium because every stand has its own entry and they’re all pretty far away from each other. The crowd of fans are separated so that the police can better control them and they have a better overview. Furthermore the fans get faster into the stadium in that way.

After we had passed every checkpoint, we could finally enter the stadium and go to our seats. I was so amazed when I saw how close we were sitting to the pitch! I had never sat that close to a pitch so far, that’s why I was very excited and was just laughing of joy.
We had to wait more than one hour till the match started but it went by pretty fast because I was admiring the stadium, taking pics and just being happy. I was also wearing my brand-new Pastore jersey that I had bought in the morning. I was sitting there only wearing that jersey during the whole match even though it was quite cold and raining. I was cold only after the match…

They're proud of their colors!

The fans of PSG are amazing and created a beautiful atmosphere. When the goalkeeper of Bratislava came out to warm up, they booed him, so did they when the rest of the team came on the pitch to warm up and so did they when the female stadium announcer of Slovan orated for some minutes. The ultras became impatient and did boo her for some seconds. That wasn’t beautiful though!
When their own team came on the pitch, the stadium almost exploded! 32,046 people were shouting ,,ICI C’EST PARIS!” (This is Paris!) when Pastore, Menez, Gameiro and co. entered the stadium. I did have goosebumps and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one! The ultras made lots of noise and even cheered the players on while they were still warming up!
After the match, a little group of ultras was singing in the metro how much they hated Olympique Marseille and the ticket inspectors! It was amazing!

It was actually pretty funny to see the different warming up of both teams. While Bratislava were almost only sprinting and warming up seriously, Kombouaré’s squad had fun for more than twenty minutes before doing some little sprint exercises. But not every player did participate in those exercises such as Nene, Gameiro and Jallet.

At 6:45 pm both teams left the pitch, the starting line-ups were announced and after ten minutes both teams entered the stadium again. The atmosphere was simply amazing and you could feel the excitement of the fans. It was very loud and again I was verified: there’s not much in the world that can be compared to a football stadium!

The starting line-ups

The match itself was pretty good. PSG wasn’t very well concentrated and Bratislava did have some great plays but in the end they didn’t have the brass neck in front of Douchez, the French goal keeper. He amazingly saved twice, once in the ninth minute against Halenar and the other time in the 55th minute against Milinkovic.
Paris was playing too much through the middle where Bratislava was already waiting for them and trying to counter. In the first half Erding (13’), Nene (14’, 39’) and Menez (22’, 31’) had great opportunities but their shots weren’t precise enough. After 45 minutes the referee blew the half time of a fast-paced match.
The best players were Sakho and Sissoko who had made some precious tackles. Especially Sakho, the captain was playing on a very high level. He won every duel and organized his defense very well. There was only one moment where he was the only defender against two strikers but he did clear that situation in a world class manner!
Pastore hadn’t been very flashy but he had run a lot and had some amazing and breathtaking actions where it seemed like the time would have stopped for some seconds!

In the beginning of the second half, PSG was playing highlier, Menez, who had been pretty selfish in the first half, became to one of the best players on the pitch and Pastore was on the ball a bit more often as well. But after a while Bratislava could counter again and did have one great opportunity that could’ve made them lead. Luckily Halenar messed up with panache even though he was alone after a pass from Bagayoko couldn’t have been cleared. The whole stadium was holding the breath but could sigh with relief seconds later.

The two heroes celebrating the goal!

This had a stirring effect on Pastore’s team mates and Pastore scored after a beautiful counterattack. His volley after a beautiful cross by Nene was unstoppable and suddenly the French were leading! Just like Halenar, Pastore was alone as well but unlike him, the Argentinian stayed cool and scored his first goal in the EL for his new club.

The fans went nuts! When I saw Nene crossing and Pastore free in the box I already had a feeling that I would have to jump up soon because Pastore has already scored after a similar play in the Ligue 1! Anyway, I was shouted ,YEEEEEESSSS’ that loudly that my brother looked at me, shocked…

After this goal we saw the great Pastore. He still hadn’t the ball a lot but he was everywhere. He even played as full-back in the highly standing defense! He was running a lot and initiated some great plays. When he was substituted after 87 minutes, PSG was suddenly struggling again what perfectly shows how important Pastore is for that team. They do depend a lot on him!

But after all I could leave the stadium in an amazing mood because PSG did win 1-0 and Pastore had scored in the game that I was watching live in the Parc des Princes! I’m still amazed when I think about that game and I’m so thankful that I could see Pastore live in this amazing stadium! I’ll definitely do that again because ICI C’EST PARIS!

Thank you very much for reading this! :) I’d love some ratings and comments! ;) Thank you! :)

PS: The video is mine and I did create an YouTube account for it, feel free to visit it, it’s called ,,positionsspielTV” (http://www.youtube.com/user/positionsspielTV). 😉


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