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…cause we’ve got the ca$h!

At the moment, since Bayern is on top of the table in the Bundesliga and has also qualified  as leader of the group A for the next round in the Champions League, there’s no crisis at the Säbener Straße. So, the journalists, usually impatiently waiting for scandalizing stories about the (former?) FC Hollywood, have to find new and exciting topics to write about.

He's back!

And they have already found one: the harmony of the squad. First they were reporting that Robben wasn’t needed anymore by his team mates. Uli Hoeneß & Co. foreswore this theory but it didn’t help; a new discussion was raised.

Soon tho, Robben could play again and he immediately showed that he actually is a player whom Bayern actually needs in the big games. I must admit that there was a time when I advocated the critics about Robben… Shame on me!

Anyways, the discussion about Robben and the squad is still running and new transfer rumors fuel speculation. Even though I’m not a fan of all this great fuss about the team of the German record champion, I’ve used this debate to bother myself about Christian Nerlinger’s and Jupp Heynckes’ transfer policy in the next transfer period.

How am I going to write about that?
Well, I will talk about every part of the team (goalkeepers, defense, midfield and the forward line) and reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each part before I conclude whether we need new players or not. I will also realistically suggest some players that I want to see in Munich.

  • Goalkeepers: Actually Bayern shouldn’t worry about their goalkeepers. Manuel Neuer is among the five best men of his guild in the world. Jupp Heynckes has even 4 goalkeepers at his disposal: Manuel Neuer, Jörg Butt, Maximilian Riedmüller and Rouven Sattelmaier.
    But the two last-named keepers have no experience in the Bundesliga and have only played in amateur championships so far what isn’t very competitive for a club like Bayern where a lot of pressure is put on the goalie, no matter how young he is. There are two recent examples: Michael Rensing and Thomas Kraft. Both are outstanding young keepers but in the end they couldn’t

    Here I am!

    handle the pressure anymore. In addition, not many people in the club really trusted them and this lack of confidence was also a reason for their fail.
    Furthermore Jörg Butt’s contract expires on 30th of June 2012 and probably he won’t sign a new one because he has been given the job of the youth coordinator. This had already been decided some months ago and I do think that Butt prefers this new job but I’m not sure and don’t hope so.

    What to do? I think Bayern should try to extend Butt’s contract for one more year but if Butt doesn’t want to, Nerlinger should look for a young, surpassing and Bundesliga-experienced goalie. This man will be third goal keeper for the second half of the season and be taken under Butt’s wing to improve his skills and be a good replacement for Manuel Neuer in 2012/2013.
    I was actually thinking about Oliver Baumann from SC Freiburg. He has all the makings for being a great substitute for Manuel Neuer: young, Bundesliga-experienced and pretty good. He’s the goalkeeper of the German U21 team so he’s used to pressure and I don’t think he’ll have problems to be benched in the championship and the Champions League if he can play in the German cup, just like Butt does this season. Baumann wouldn’t cost more than 5 million euros.

  • Defenders: In the beginning of the season, Bayern’s defense was among the best in Europe. But after the match in Napoli where Neuer and his defense conceded their first goal since many matches, the defense has become worse. Holger Badstuber has been the only one who always played very well. Daniel van Buyten was pretty decent as well but Boateng was rather disappointing in my eyes. That’s not only his fault but also Heynckes’ because he let him play a lot as right-back, a position that Boateng doesn’t

    Beat the beast!

    really appreciate. Bayern has three center-backs and only one of them has been satisfying yet. The full-backs tho, have accomplished their job very well.

    What to do? Well, I would love to see a world class defender next to Badstuber. Badstuber is a great defender but he’s too young and not experienced enough to organize a whole defense. He needs support and this isn’t given to him by Boateng or van Buyten even tho they’re both good defenders! I think Bayern could try to buy Alex from Chelsea. They already wanted him in summer but preferred Boateng so why shouldn’t they have another try? Alex has experience and can organize a defense very well. He wouldn’t cost a lot either, tops 10 million euros I guess.
    Unfortunately I can’t think of any other good center-back who could be bought in winter. If you know one, feel free to leave a comment!

  • Midfield: As everybody knows, the midfield is divided into two parts: the defensive and the offensive part. I think that Bayern’s defensive midfield is amazing with Schweinsteiger and still very good without him. Tymoshchuk has played a great first half of the season, Gustavo had some good matches as well but in the end he’s been pretty disappointing. I guess this is mainly because Schweinsteiger was missing and he had to play next to Kroos and Alaba, two players who he isn’t used to play with in the defensive midfield. Furthermore Alaba isn’t a defensive midfielder in my eyes, he’s a winger!The offensive midfield was among the best in the world in the first two months of the season, also because Schweinsteiger was world class again. Ribery on the left, Kroos in the center and Müller on the right were harmonizing pretty well. They’re even better now because of Robben who has recovered and is already on the way back to his old class. But he is injury-prone, so is

    Hopefully we'll see him soon in a Bayern jersey!

    Ribery and Bayern depends on them which, of course, is pretty bad. There’s still Usami but I think and hope he’ll go on loan to another German club.

    What to do? Bayern has been linked to many wingers recently. Marco Reus, Jefferson Farfan and Andre Ayew are players who are chased by many big clubs in Europe. I’d already be happy if Bayern bought at least one of them. I want to see Reus on the team poster of February because he’s a right winger and a great substitute for Robben. Jefferson Farfan’s contract expires in the end of June 2012 so Bayern could get him on a free in six months. Andre Ayew is a left winger and not really needed in winter. Alaba can replace Ribery pretty well and Ayew wouldn’t join Bayern in winter anyway because he’s already playing in the Champions League with Marseille.
    For now, I’d only buy Marco Reus from M’Gladbach because he’s been terrific lately and will become even better. He’d cost around 20 million euros. I’d also extend Robben’s contract as soon as possible; he’s still one of the best players in the world when he’s fit!

  • Forward line:I think the forward line is Bayern’s biggest weakness. The only one who can score at any moment is Mario Gomez. Ivica Olic seems to be too old and too frustrated by being benched all the time and Nils Petersen has been in the starting

    He does agree with me!

    line-up for few times and he always did pretty well (except against ManCity) but Heynckes doesn’t seem to trust him. Both are a tough act to follow.

    What to do? Sell Olic and buy Papiss Demba Cissé. That’s what I would do. Olic wants to leave and Cissé from Freiburg has already been linked many times to Bayern. It was also rumored once that Bayern was going to sign Didier Drogba but that’s nothing but utopian. Cissé is quite young (26 years), used to the Bundesliga, very fast and clever. He’d be a great signing for the Bavarians and would cost around 15 million euros.

This is my plan for Bayern in winter 2011/2012 and I really want Bayern to buy those players because we can only improve if we buy better and new players. Cissé and Reus are necessary to play a great season in Champions League and in Bundesleiga. Alex, who can only play in the Bundesliga since he’s already played twice in the Champions League for Chelsea in the first leg of the season, would help our defense a lot! Oliver Baumann is a gifted and young goalie who, if Butt really finishes his career, would be a good signing too for sure!
Altogether I would spend tops 50 million euros for 4 players because we’ve got the cash!

Thank you very much for reading this! 😀 I’d love some ratings and comments! 🙂

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