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Parisian Revolution 2.0

What the hell is going on at PSG?

These days, Paris Saint-Germain has had kind of a revolution which is the second in only six months. In June, QSI (Qatar Sports Investments) bought 70% of the shares off Colony Capitals, an international investment company as well. QSI belongs to Sheikh Tamin ben Hamad al-Thani, the Crown Prince of Qatar. However he doesn’t take any decisions relating to the team, he only sets goals and spends money. The Sheikh’s right-hand man is Nasser Al-Khelaifi who does play an important role in the club that can be compared to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s role at Bayern.
Anyways, the Sheikh provided 85 million Euros for his sports director Leonardo. The former AC Milan coach bought great players such as Javier Pastore, Jeremy Menez and Kevin Gameiro and he could have spent even more money but the transfer window closed too early. The goals set by the Qatari investors were 3 of 4 possible titles.

Well, Paris Saint-Germain can only win 2 titles anymore. Only the championship and the French Cup are still possible trophies to win. At least they’re on top of the Ligue 1 and have totally deserved it. They can’t win the Coupe de la Ligue (league cup) and the Euro League anymore. In the Coupe de la Ligue they had been kicked out by Dijon, the 16th in France, in the round of 16 what actually is a huge disgrace, especially for a proud club like Paris Saint-Germain. In the Euro League PSG did have a pretty easy group. Bratislava, Salzburg and Bilbao aren’t that infamous clubs and actually the French should have qualified for the next round. Actually. In the end Bilbao and Salzburg were clever enough to  take advantage of the mistakes of Kombouaré and his players. Unfortunately the Euro League was the Sheikh’s main target…

Heyy, what are they talking about behind my back?

So Leonardo sacked Antoine Kombouaré on 22nd of December because of several reasons. One of them is the failure in the important
Euro League, thematized above. Another reason was Kombouaré’s image of an ugly duckling. From the start, Kombouaré actually had never been enough. In the opinion of Leonardo, Al-Khelaifi and the Sheikh, Kombouaré doesn’t radiate glamour and charisma, he doesn’t have enough titles in his résumé and most important he has no international connections. All those factors don’t attract great players no matter how high their salary might be. It doesn’t help either when stars such as Javier Pastore refuse to shake the manager’s hand when they’re substituted. It shows that Kombouaré can’t deal very well with strong personalities and/or talented players. He often had arguments with Nene, one of his wingers, as well.

Kombouaré, who was much-loved by the fans, got a golden handshake of 4 million Euro and the new manager, former AC Milan and Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti will earn an annual salary of more or less 7 million Euros, a new record in the Ligue 1.

,,Qui parle le Francais?" - ,,Je!"

It’s pretty obvious why Leonardo chose Ancelotti:

  • Leonardo and Ancelotti know each other since many years, they have already worked together in Italy. First Leonardo was player under Ancelotti from 2002-2003 and later on he was Technical Director in Milan and working together with Ancelotti between from 2008 to 2009. They do hit it off with each other.
  • Yet the pressure has been on the team and Kombouaré but this can rapidly change at any moment and Leonardo could be questioned. The 42 year young Brazilian did know this and hired a worldwide reputable coach he gets along with to avoid any doubts about himself.
  • Since Ancelotti has worldwide a pretty good reputation, PSG will easily attract more or less world class players. Many rumors have already been spread, of which more later.
  • Ancelotti is a manager who lets play beautifully. He adores coaching offensive tactics and that’s exactly what the Qatari want. They don’t want to win 1:0. They rather prefer winning 3:2 and seeing many goals. Under Kombouaré, the team rarely played with an offensive style and the rich investors weren’t that amused about that.

Even though Leonardo seems to have banished every danger with the signing of Carlo Ancelotti, there are still some risks. One is the failure of the Italian coach. It doesn’t sound very likely to happen but it’s still a risk. If that would really happen, the fans could get mad at the Brazilian and consequently he could be sacked.

,,LOL In your face, Antoine!"

With the sacking of Kombouaré, Leonardo has already lost an important part of the personality for which he has been respected and
loved all over the planet: he has lost his good image of elegance, honesty and fair-play. He had said Kombouaré would be manager till the end of the season but he already conducted negotiations with Ancelotti in the beginning of November! Leonardo has rather become kind of a vacuum cleaner (figuratively of course) who irons out everything down-and-dirty to have the perfect and utterly successful PSG as soon as possible. He underlined his new imagine himself some weeks ago in his column for the French football paper L’Equipe when he wrote:

<<Football isn’t an utopian dream, we aren’t at church and I am no candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.>>

It’s actually very difficult to say who will be bought and what tactics Ancelotti will teach his players. It’s said that Beckham will play for PSG in the upcoming 18 months, of which more later because there’s quite a lot to say about ,,Becks”. Hulk (Porto), Soldado (Valencia), Tevez (ManCity) and Pato (AC Milan) have already been linked to PSG as well but I don’t think these rumors will ever overstep the status of a rumor because if Ancelotti really plays in his beloved Christmas Tree formation, he’ll only need one striker and he has already two good strikers: Kevin Gameiro and Guillaume Hoarau. Malouda and Kaka have also been linked to Paris but only Malouda seems to be a realistic rumor since they already have Pastore. Pastore and Kaka are just too similar players to be able to play in the same team.
As already said, it’s difficult to say with what formation Ancelotti will play. A Christmas Tree formation is very likely but so are a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-3 formation. The future will tell us more about that.

He'll be successful

The demolition of Antoine Kombouaré and the hiring of world-class manager Carlo Ancelotti isn’t the only part of the second Parisian revolution in 2011. Of course Ancelotti brings some glamour along but the actual star that will brighten and broaden PSG’s horizon is David Beckham. The English superstar is likely to play the next 18 months in France. He attached one condition to his signing: that Carlo Ancelotti signs at PSG as well because both know each other from Milan where Beckham played twice for some months. So he’ll sign his contract soon as well. He’ll earn a monthly salary of 450,000 Euros plus 20% of the revenues of the marketing and merchandising. With more endorsement deals , ,,Becks” can earn up to 20 million Euros a year!
All this might sound a bit exaggerated for a 36 year old man but Beckham will surely perform (very) well. (Of course 450,000 million Euros a month are overrated for any football player but that’s not the problem.) David Beckham has given 18 assists in the last MLS (US soccer league) season and he recovered very well from a bad injury of the Achilles tendon and he can handle his backache pretty well as well. Beckham is fit!
Furthermore Beckham’s experience will be amazingly precious for his new squad. Since Makelele and Coupet (goal keeper) have retired, PSG hasn’t had any real leader anymore.  Beckham could be that highly needed leader and help the team a lot with his experience, tactical understanding and discipline and his leadership style.
Last but not least David Beckham’s crosses will be even more precious than his leadership because at the moment PSG doesn’t have any player who even begins to compare with the Englishman’s crossing skills.
I’m pretty sure that Beckham will be an enrichment for PSG.

Thank you SO MUCH for reading this article! 😀 I hope you like it and that you have some time to put some constructive criticism in the comment box! 🙂 I would already be the happiest if you could at least rate the article with the stars above the article! 🙂


One comment on “Parisian Revolution 2.0

  1. lyon fan
    December 31, 2011

    Beckham (if he will come …) is more taken to win money because of his image, but less for his skills
    Good article :))
    A Lyon Fan

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