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5 once-in-a-lifetime transfer opportunities Nerlinger must have taken

In this article, I want to present you 5 great players whose signing Christian Nerlinger, Bayern Munich’s sports director has missed.

Marco Reus:

I wish he could've celebrated his goals in the Bayern jersey soon!

Two days ago Borussia Dortmund announced the signing of Marco Reus for 17.1 million Euros who won’t play for the current German champion until July 2012 though. Reus had also been linked to Bayern Munich and most people expected him to sign in the Bavarian capital. But they had obviously forgotten that Reus was actually born in Dortmund and had already played there as a young boy. But at the time Dortmund’s youth coaches thought he wasn’t goo enough and so he had to leave his home club. Meanwhile he’s become one of the best German strikers and nobody was surprised when the Bundesliga’s two biggest clubs Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund vied for Reus’ services. In the end the club from the Ruhr Valley was awarded the contract what did surprise a lot of people, including me.

As you can see in my article “…cause we’ve got the ca$h!”, I was actually convinced that Bayern was going to sign the 22 year young winger and thus I was disappointed by Nerlinger which is the main reason why I’m writing this article.

I think Marco Reus could have been an even better signing than Robben was. Reus is young, fast, very talented and German. It’s always been Bayern’s goal to attract the best German players no matter what they cost. But this seems to have changed since Christian Nerlinger has taken over the management. Of course it’s understandable and alright that he doesn’t want to pay 30 million for a player but I think he could have offered Gladbach and Reus more money so that the best German winger (at the moment) would be Bayern’s now!

Nemanja Vidic:

One of the best defenders in the world - and Bayern didn't want him!

In summer 2010 Louis van Gaal and Christian Nerlinger could have signed Nemanja Vidic. Many people might not believe me but Nerlinger did confirm this once in the ,,Doppelpass”, a weekly German football show. When I first heard it I also thought it was a bad joke but I was wrong. And I still can’t believe that Nerlinger didn’t sign that world class defender.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get such a perfect central back as Vidic. The Serbian is still one of the best defenders in the world thanks to his size, speed, positional play, strength and discipline. But unfortunately he has recently extended his contract in Manchester and when this one ends he’ll be too old for Bayern.

It’s a shame that Nerlinger listened to van Gaal who rather preferred to trust in Daniel van Buyten and Martin Demichelis. The Dutchman didn’t want to have the Serbian but for once Nerlinger shouldn’t have listened to him. But he did and so he missed someone who would have become his best and career boosting transfer for sure! It doesn’t bear contemplating what a strong and amazing central defense (Vidic and Badstuber) Bayern would have if Nerlinger had proved his balls and bought the 30 year old right footer even though his manager had put in his veto. No manager in the whole world could ever bench a player like Nemanja Vidic!

Arturo Vidal:

Why does Bayern always have to be so stingy?

In the estival transfer window Arturo Vidal, under contract at Jupp Heynckes’ ex-club Bayer Leverkusen, was linked to many clubs among which was Bayern Munich. It was an open secret that Vidal had been Heynckes’ favorite disciple during his two seasons in North Rhine-Westphalia. For logical reasons Bayern officially showed an interest in the Chilean.

There was tough bargaining for Bayern though because Nerlinger didn’t want to pay the amount of money (more than 15 million Euros) claimed by Rudi Völler. This does sound understandable if you consider that Vidal’s contract would have expired in the following season. But Vidal had actually played a great season for Leverkusen and Bayern Munich wasn’t the only European top club interested in him. Barca, Juve, AC Milan and Chelsea had been linked to him as well.

Nerlinger didn’t want to pay more than 10 million Euro and even though Juventus finally got Vidal for exactly that amount of money, Bayern’s sports director must only have offered 5 to 10 million Euros more and Bayern’s defensive midfield would be even better right now! Vidal and Schweinsteiger would have been the perfect combination in the defensive midfield. Furthermore Vidal can also play as an deep-laying playmaker (Schweinsteiger’s position) and so Bayern wouldn’t have struggled that much after the vice-captain’s shoulder injury. I still really can’t believe that Nerlinger was that stingy.

That’s actually normal for Bayern though: They have long pockets but short arms.

Gregory van der Wiel:

He would have helped Bayern for sure!

Gregory van der Wiel, a young Dutch full back who is currently playing for Ajax Amsterdam has been linked several times to Bayern Munich. In summer and winter 2010, Dutch and German media kept publishing rumors saying van Gaal and Nerlinger were about to sign the 23 year old. But it seems that van der Wiel and his agent had reached an agreement about a contract with Valencia CF. They are only waiting for the two clubs to agree on an appropriate transfer fee.

Van der Wiel’s star rose on the World Cup 2010 in South Africa where he played great finals with his fellow countrymen and finished runner-up. In the following weeks and months the Dutchman had been linked to many European top clubs among which Bayern was said to be the first option because of their Dutch coach, the great Louis van Gaal. Bayern’s former captain Mark van Bommel and world class winger Arjen Robben both highly recommended the dynamic, fast and gifted right footer to Nerlinger but he didn’t want to pay more than 15 million Euros. He was ready to pay tops 10 million Euros which wasn’t enough for Ajax Amsterdam and since van der Wiel has been playing for the Dutch record champion since ever, he didn’t complain at all. Unfortunately Nerlinger and van Gaal didn’t insist and that’s why they missed another great signing that would surely have improved Bayern’s defensive ability.

Fabio Coentrao:

Bayern's left wing (Coentrao and Ribery) would've been terrific!

Fabio Coentrao’s star rose on the World Cup 2010 as well. His performances for Portugal were great and impressed many football experts all around the world. But despite those amazing matches against Ivory Coast, Brazil, North Korea and Spain, Coentrao wasn’t that wanted in the estival transfer window which is quite understandable because it was the first time people really heard about him. He could also have been a flash in the pan. But he was able to verify his great talent in the following season for Benfica Lisbon and in the winter transfer window Bayern officially wanted to buy Coentrao.

Everything seemed to go perfectly and some media already declared the transfer to be sure. But they were wrong and in the end Benfica became greedy and wanted more money than in the beginning. Nerlinger didn’t want to pay those 23 million Euros for the left winger and retracted even though Coentrao did want to sign in Munich. After that drawback, Real Madrid came into play and finally signed him for 30 million Euros in July 2011.

Fabio Coentrao would’ve been an amazing and precious signing for Bayern because he can play everywhere on the left wing: full back, winger and even in the defensive midfield. Heynckes and van Gaal would have had a great player at their disposal who would have raised Bayern’s level for sure!

Don't worry dude, you're still a great manager!

I didn’t want to give the impression I wasn’t satisfied with Nerlinger’s work. I’m actually very happy about the transfers he’s made so far but he could have made even better ones that would’ve raised the level and quality of the whole squad for sure! But well, nobody can’t change those mistakes so I hope nobody gets mad at our great sports director because he has taken more good than bad decisions and he’s a lucky strike for Bayern Munich!

Thank you a lot for reading this article! :) I hope you enjoyed it and if so, please share it on all of your social networks! :) That’d mean a lot to me and I’d be even more motivated to write more posts in the future! :) Comments and votes are wished-for as well! ;)


One comment on “5 once-in-a-lifetime transfer opportunities Nerlinger must have taken

  1. Red Robbery
    January 10, 2012

    I have to admit, I don’t agree with this list at all.

    Reus: Bayern wanted him but he decided to join Dortmund for various reasons (home, more playing time etc). Bayern surely offered him more money than Dortmund, it just wasn’t his main priority. Nothing Nerlinger could’ve done.

    Vidic: It’s useless to sign a player the coach doesn’t want. Not only is it bad for the relationship between manager and coach, the risk was too high. Louis van Gaal can be an incredibly stubborn person, he would’ve benched Vidic without hesitation and Bayern would’ve wasted a ton of money.

    Vidal: Similar to Reus, nothing Nerlinger could’ve done. Bayern wanted him, the offer was good enough, Leverkusen just didn’t want to sell to another German club.

    van der Wiel: Everything was ready, he was about to join Munich but the club decided against it. A mistake? Maybe but it’s way too early to tell. As of now, I don’t think that Bayern missed a brilliant opportunity.

    Coentrao: I don’t blame Bayern for not signing him. Not only did Benfica ask for more money pretty much everytime the clubs talked (and I’m not talking about 1-2m here) which by itself is already bad negotiating if you let that happen. The other factor is Coentrao’s agent, Jorge Mendes. I don’t think I have to tell you about Mendes and Real Madrid. He did absolutely everything to bring his client to Madrid.

    To sum up, not signing Gregory van der Wiel is the only of these five ‘missed opportunities’ where Nerlinger can be blamed. And as I said, it has yet to be proved that it was a missed opportunity.

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