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Ballon d’Or 2011

55 players had been nominated from the FIFA to become footballer of the year 2011. But again Lionel Messi, the Argentinian super star from Barcelona has won the golden ball. In the end, only Xavi (Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) were still competing with the tiny dribbler for the most desired individual price in the world of football.


Messi’s win wasn’t a surprise at all though. It’s the third time in a row that he has won this trophy, any other player in history could achieve this. It has been predictable all  the time because Messi has always been praised by the media, his team mates and manager, no matter how he had been playing. Of course he had some amazing and unforgettable matches in 2011 such as the Champions League final and some of the Clasicos against Real Madrid but I think Cristiano Ronaldo or Xavi, even more, would have deserved the ballon d’or more.

I do think that Ronaldo had deserved the trophy more than the 24 year young Argentinian because Ronaldo has by far been the most important player for Real Madrid. He has been criticized quite a lot what put even more pressure on him after his 90-million-Euros move to Spain two summers ago. His second season for Los Galacticos had been even more impressive than his first one even though the pressure had been even higher because he hadn’t brought his new club any titles. In 2010/2011 he scored 53 times and gave 18 assists in 54 matches. He has truly been indispensable even though there had been many media scoldings after the Clasicos saying he had been invisible in big games.

Why not me?

Actually Ronaldo can’t be criticized because of that. Of course he’s struggling a lot in big games but you can’t say he was invisible. He just wants too much, his ambition is simply too unbounded in those worldwide broadcasted derbies against Barcelona. He should play more calmly, perhaps think a bit more in those fiery games because that’s what really matters in such moments. He has already proved the whole world what a great footballer he is so he should rather concentrate on helping his team mates than on promoting himself.

I think that his egoism isn’t only his only big difference compared to Lionel Messi but also the reason why more than 50,000 players, managers and sports journalists from all over the world preferred voting for the left footer from Rosario.

As you can see, I have been able to find the (most probable) reason why Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been awarded with that beautiful trophy but I actually can’t find any reason why Xavi, the leader of the world’s most beautiful football, didn’t win the golden ball. There hasn’t been any bad match during the last calendar year and no other player in the world has gotten as amazing ratings in the club and in the national team as Xavi.

Because I'm the one who deserves it most!

Xavi is Barca, Barca is Xavi. It actually is that simple. A Barca without Messi is still one of the strongest, perhaps the strongest team in the world but a Barca without Xavi isn’t the same. I wouldn’t say that Barca depends on Xavi, their midfield and youth academy is way too good, but Xavi is obviously the undisputed brain of the Catalonians and Spanish national team. Xavi is undoubtedly one of the best and smartest players the world has ever seen and Messi would be nothing without him.

Xavi is Barca’s brain, heard and breath. He’s for Barca what the water is for the oceans and I think it’s a huge disgrace for football that Xavi didn’t win the Ballon d’Or this year either. He already deserved to win it more than Messi last year! This election is a bad joke and the second place for the 32 year old Catalonian is nothing worth at all no matter how often Messi mentions Xavi in his orations. Messi would have achieved true greatness if he had refused to accept the trophy and admitted that Xavi is the only footballer in the whole world who truly deserves the Ballon d’Or!

Thank you SO much for reading this op-ed article! I hope you enjoyed it and share it on all of your social networks! 🙂

PS: As little delicacy after all this disappointment by the FIFA, have a look at this amazing goal of Neymar which has been elected best goal of 2011! Pure beauty! *.* 


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