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To be honest…

Not even 2 hours ago, Thorsten Kinhöfer, the referee of the match Borussia Mönchengladbach versus FC Bayern Munich has set an end to a match that truly deserves to be the opener of the second leg of this Bundesliga season. Of course I’m writing as if I was a neutral fan. But as you all surely know, I’m not neutral. My heart belongs to Bayern and so I’m really disappointed and sad, not to say mad by their performance. They have left not only me but also millions of other Bayern and football fans in general speechless.

You just can’t lose 1:3 in the opener if you want to win the champion ship! No matter what team you’re playing, you must win! There are no excuses and surely not after such a poor lost against a domestic rival that is considered as possible future German champion by some experts. Actually Gladbach has been playing amazingly. I have to be honest and admit this even though I’m supporting Bayern with all my heart. Their counter attacks had been crucial and so was their defending.

Lucien Favre has perfected the 4-4-2. Everybody already knows it, everybody has already written it but I do think that the way Gladbach had been pressing forward today is worth a paragraph. Both back fours of Gladbach were standing really tightly and didn’t give Bayern any space for playing. Reus and Hanke were also defending against Bayern’s defense on a line. Especially the central backs were struggling to deal with this. Bayern also helped Gladbach a lot though. They were playing forward too slowly and should have used the wings and changeovers way more to disturb Gladbach’s defense.

Bayern only won 36% of their duels...

Gladbach though, had only been defending and waiting for opportunities to counter attack that actually came at regular intervals. Those counter attacks were a real threat for Bayern’s defense but not because the defenders were bad, no, mainly because Bayern’s defensive midfield was too far away from their defenders what created a lot of space for Gladbach and their counter attacks. Furthermore the central backs were often alone against fast guys such as Hermann and Reus. Tymoshchuk wasn’t backing Schweinsteiger up either and often on his way to the opposing box. The fact that Bayern didn’t even win 40% of their duels even though they had a possession of ball of 64% ,,perfectly” shows how weak Bayern actually was today.

It is pretty hard to say who was Bayern’s worst player. Neuer had caused the first goal with a horrible misdirected pass when he wanted to show the whole world what a great footballer he is. On the other hand though, he didn’t do any more mistakes and can’t be blamed for the two other goals. The defense as a group was average today but Holger Badstuber and Philipp Lahm were actually shining out of the whole team. In the midfield, only Schweinsteiger could show his skills; Robben, Müller, Kroos and Tymoshchuk were quite invisible. Gomez was playing poor as well. The substitutions came too late and weren’t lucky at all.

Badstuber and Lahm both played very well even though each of them was responsible for 1 goal. Lahm didn’t come back quickly enough in the 41st minute when Hermann scored his first out of 2 goals. But Lahm was playing very well forward, had many good interceptions in Gladbach’s half and completed 93.67% of his passes (more than 100). Badstuber was responsible for the third goal. He should have tried to win the ball with a sliding tackle in the duel against Reus but he was too far away from the winger. In the end though, he was Bayern’s best man on the pitch because he won many important duels and played some amazing passes-

Holger Badstuber has been Bayern’s best player today. (Stefan Effenberg)

Today’s game didn’t only show already known weaknesses such as a weak defense but also proved old, forgotten patterns that were believed to have disappeared completely. For example, Bayern is still depending a lot on Fronck Ribery. People might have thought that Kroos and Müller could replace the French dribbler but they were wrong. Neither Kroos nor Müller were strong enough to whirl Gladbach’s defenders to some extend. Robben is still not in form and was pretty slow today compared to other games of the current season.

The game against Gladbach and the dependence on Ribery sustain my theory that Bayern must have bought a winger in the hibernal transfer window. Of course they can still buy one but to be honest, I doubt that Nerlinger and Heynckes want to integrate a new player in the team in the upcoming six months. I would be really happy though if Bayern would buy a new winger in the next eleven days. Unfortunately Reus has already signed at Dortmund, a great transfer opportunity that Nerlinger has missed. Xherdan Shaqiri is a pretty realistic signing but he can’t play in the Champions League and I don’t think he wants to leave Basel in winter at all costs since he’s playing in the Champions League and will win the Swiss championship (for sure) with them.

Furthermore it was rumored that Bayern was going to sign Dante, Gladbach’s central back who couldn’t play today. Heynckes as well as Dante have already confirmed the interest. But it should be Bayern’s main goal to buy a winger first. Actually another striker wouldn’t be that bad either since only Gomez seems to have Heynckes’s trust. Olic is too old and Petersen too young and unexperienced. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a good striker at the moment, there are only rather old forwards who can be bought…

In the end, Nerlinger and Heynckes should be blamed as well for the disaster in the “Borussia-Park” because they never want to spend money even though they do have enough money to buy any player in the world! I absolutely hate when Bayern is being so stingy and doesn’t want to invest any cent! It is necessary! Bayern does need a new central back, a new winger and a new striker, that’s a fact! And if they really want to win the Champions League, as they always say, then they do need more players on those positions, especially in the defense!

Thank you a lot for reading this article! 🙂 Of course, ratings and comments are wanted! 😉


8 comments on “To be honest…

  1. Emma
    January 21, 2012

    Really nice article, you explain and weird everything so good so I can’t stop read it 😛 i Feel the exacly same, i’m very disappointed in Bayern Munchen …. :/ Great article , have a nice day!:)

    • Sébastien
      January 21, 2012

      Hi Emma,
      Thank you so endlessly much for your utterly nice comment! :”) It really means a lot to me that you took time for that! 🙂
      Ah well, I’m pretty sure that we’ll see the invincible Bayern soon again. 😉 They all know that they have to play better and that’s what they are going to do for sure. 🙂

      Have a very nice day as well!

  2. Dan
    January 21, 2012

    Very good article mate 😀 shame about the loss 😦

    • Sébastien
      January 21, 2012

      Thank you a lot for the comment, man! 😀 Of course the lost is a shame but it’s better to lose the first match after which you still have 16 matches to make everything forget than losing one of the crucial matches in the end of the season and lose everything. 🙂 Perhaps we must all have a more positive look at this match even though it might sound weird and difficult.

      Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  3. Ahmad Sayadi (@AhmadMunchen)
    January 21, 2012

    As expected fantastic article.
    My hands were shivering in the beginning of the match but when the final whistle blew I knew that this loss was gonna pump up Bayern and possibly get Heynckes and Nerlinger to FINALLY buy a new center back if not a winger.
    Perhaps a dejavu of the 1st half? 10 win streak coming?
    Haha, have a nice day man 😀

    • Sébastien
      January 21, 2012

      Thank you SO much for your comment! 😀
      Haha yes, you seem to think exactly the same as me! 😉 After losts like yesterday’s one, I always hope that Nerlinger is finally going to buy new players! Eden Hazard would be a dream. 😉

      Enjoy your weekend, dude! 😀

  4. aly
    January 22, 2012

    great article, and you are right, they still have 16 matches+champions and dfb cup ones to make us forget about this and show os again what a fantastic team they are! 🙂

    • Sébastien
      January 22, 2012

      First of all thank you very much for your comment! 😉
      Yes, exactly! 😀 Actually I didn’t count the German cup and Champions League matches intentionally because I don’t think they really care about the DFB cup and they are already really motivated in the Champions League so they don’t need a lost in the Bundesliga to play well internationally. 😉

      Have a beautiful Sunday! 🙂

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