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God vs Gods

,,Gosh, I'm the best!" He really is!

On the one side ,,The Special One”, the manager who polarizes football fans all over the world with his arrogance and quotes with which he regularly crowns himself king of the world, not to say God. Being a little narcissist, Jose Mourinho sees himself as (demi)god but he doesn’t only do that to show the world his perfection and elusiveness but also to get the focus of the media’s on him. If he’s got the attention of the media, those don’t put that much pressure on his players since Mourinho is keeping them busy. Really busy! His quotes are legendary, his arrogance loved by many, especially English people but there are more haters than lovers. To Mourinho that doesn’t matter though because he does know what has made him to one of the best managers in the world and about that he is totally right: his ingenuity.

Like two bosses

On the other side we have Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, two Real Madrid legends who have more influence on their club than any other player in the world has ever had in theirs. Tops John Terry’s and Frank Lampard’s influence on Chelsea can be compared to the one of those two Spanish national players and world cup winners. Both have enough influence to sack a manager because the fans unconditionally support them and so actually does Real Madrid’s board. Both can be described as living gods because what they have achieved for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team is just unbelievably great. Both are among the best players, probably even the best players in the world on their positions and what has made them to this is completely contrary to the idea of “Los Galacticos”: humility, honesty and loyalty.

It might sound weird how three such strong personalities can work with each other but it is possible because Jose Mourinho’s team-spirit-building skills have been admired by every single of his players yet. ,,Mou” actually knows how to treat his players so that they trust him and his tactics and that’s another reason for his amazingly successful career. Furthermore his success, aura and tactical ingenuity (he is actually a genius) predestine him to be the perfect manager of “The Royals”. If there wasn’t that one thing that vexes everybody in Madrid except His Holiness himself.

The reason for the dwindling backing is Mourinho’s cheesy success rate in the prestigious derbies against nemesis from Barcelona: out of 8 “Clasicos”, ,,The Special One” has only won 1, drawn 2 and lost 5… It’s understandable that no “Madritista” can accept this but what actually annoys them is the football for cowards “The Special One” orders his players to play in those games. He only played offensively-minded against Barca in his first “Clasico” – he lost 0-5 and the media claimed the sacking of the Portuguese.

Last Thursday in the last “Clasico” so far (the next one will be played tomorrow), Mourinho’s team lost again (1-2) even though the forward-pressing he has taught his squad is almost perfect. But that’s actually the main problem! Real Madrid has never been used to defensive tactics, their aspiration is to be at eye level with Barcelona thanks to offensive plays and not thanks to defense. Another problem is that Mourinho has always had success with his defensive tactics so he’s convinced of them but the team isn’t.

After the last “Clasico” Sergio Ramos gave an interview in the mixed zone in which he criticized the defensive way of playing ordered by Jose Mourinho. This interview was the final straw for Mourinho to go crazy. During the tactical analyses of the “Clasico” last Friday, Mourinho addressed Sergio Ramos in front of the whole squad:

JM (Jose Mourinho): ,,You’ve killed me in the mixed zone!”
SR (Sergio Ramos): ,,No mister, you’ve only read what’s written in the media and not everything we’ve said!”
JM: ,,Of course, since you are Spanish, you’ve won the World Cup and that’s why your friends from the media are protecting you. The goal keeper as well.” (pointing with his head to Casillas who is like 30m away from them, training with the other goal keepers)
IC (Iker Casillas): ,,Mister, in here we tell each other to our faces!”
JM: (talking to Ramos) ,,Where were you when Barca scored first?”
SR: ,,Marking Piqué up.”
JM: ,,Ah well, you should have marked Puyol up.”
SR: ,,Yes, but since they had changed positions, we decided to change the guard as well.”
JM: ,,What’s that? Are you playing manager now?”
SR: ,,No, but it’s sometimes necessary to change the guards according to the situation of a match. But since you have never been a player, you can’t know that this can happen.”

 But since you have never been a player, you can’t know that this can happen. (Sergio Ramos to Jose Mourinho about marking players up in the last Clasico.)

This conversation perfectly shows that things aren’t alright in Real Madrid’s changing rooms. Mourinho was really mad at his right full-back that he marked the wrong player up. What must have driven him even madder is that Real lost the first leg at home what means that their chances to reach the next round are pretty low. Actually he only talked about that to Ramos because of what he had said in the mixed zone. “Mou” wanted to show Ramos up in front of the whole team to use him as warning for others but in the end Ramos did show Mourinho up when he reminded Mourinho of never having played as professional player. After all this is a huge disgrace for such a proud man as Jose Mourinho.

 You take advantage of the holidays to eat, drink and travel! (Jose Mourinho in the half time of the game against Malaga in the Copa Del Rey when his team was lead 0-2)

The conversation went on though. Mourinho accused the Spanish national players of lacking loyalty and of rather caring about the international games with Barca players in the Spanish national team than about defending Real Madrid’s honor. Sergio Ramos answered: ,,Last year, you were mad at Iker because he had apologized to Xavi. But what did Pepe do yesterday? He hasn’t apologized? Where is the difference?”

Ramos wasn’t only answering Mourinho’s question but also addressing another topic that annoys the squad: Mourinho favor his fellow country men! In the last Clasico all Portuguese players of Real Madrid have played (Carvalho, Coentrao, Pepe and Ronaldo). They all have the same agent…

Mourinho’s accusation though, tells us a lot about his current mental condition: he seems to sort of suffer paranoia. Once he accused players of “telling the media names” and he first looked at Iker Casillas after he had said that. Casillas’ reaction was clear: ,,Unbearable.”. Since Mourinho doubts his players’ loyalty, he even kind of spies his players out since the lost 1-3 lost against Barcelona on 10th of December. Whenever some players are talking in groups, one of his staff joins them to listen to what they are talking about. ,,The Special One” has always been accusing referees and the media of favoring Barcelona… There’s a simple reason for those accusations though: there’s an agitation against Mourinho in the media…

 Unbearable. (Casillas’ reaction to an accusation by Mourinho)

The team’s trust in Mourinho is dwindling as well tho. More and more players are complaining about his tactics and even doubt his skills. They complain that Mourinho’s tactics were all about “strength and muscles” and that he’d prefer workers over technicians. Furthermore they want to play more offensively-minded:

 We can’t score against Barca and then retire into the own half. We are Real Madrid! (some players about Jose Mourinho’s tactics)

It isn’t the first time that Mourinho is struggling with some players. At Chelsea he blamed Asier Del Horno, a Spanish winger, to be responsible of a lost against Barca. He even called him an “idiot without a brain”. In the end of the season, Del Horno left Chelsea. Mourinho also had some arguments with Robben because of his egoism. He told him to take the ball and go away if he wanted to play alone so that Mourinho could work with the other ten men.
In Italy at Inter, Mourinho made fun of the team’s titles from the previous seasons after a lost in Bergamo (1-3). Some months later, after a lost at Catania (1-3), Mourinho yelled at his players and some of them left the room. ,,The Special One” also had some arguments with Mario Balotelli who told him one week before Inter won the Champions League (14.06.2010) when Mourinho collared him: ,,Mister, it’s the second time that you are touching me: don’t do it again”.

Estoy harto! (I'm sick of it!)

Obviously Mourinho is in the most critical situation since he has joined Real Madrid. The fans boo him and the players are kind of rebelling against him. Nobody enjoys his tactics and the media hate him more than anything. Furthermore he isn’t fit for a king because the main target; being at eye level with Barca still isn’t attained even though his team is 5 points in front of the nemesis in the Primera Division. It’s rumored that ,,The Special One” is going to leave the Spanish capital in summer but actually some experts say that tomorrow’s “Clasico” could be his last game as manager of “Los Galacticos”…

Thank you a lot for reading my new article! I hope you enjoyed it and I’d like to have some ratings and/or comments! 🙂

10 comments on “God vs Gods

  1. aly
    January 24, 2012

    excellent article!

    • Sébastien
      January 24, 2012

      Thank you so endlessly much for your comment, Ale! 😀

  2. Dan
    January 24, 2012

    good article mate!

    • Sébastien
      January 24, 2012

      Yay! 😀 Endless “thank you”s for reading and commenting this article! 😉

  3. Ahmad Sayadi (@AhmadMunchen)
    January 24, 2012

    Wow this really changes my thoughts about Mourinho :O
    Thank you for this article!
    As always, you did an awesome job 🙂

    • Sébastien
      January 24, 2012

      Thank you SO much for reading the article, man! 😀 Yeah, I was actually quite surprised as well when I read what I wrote about because I always thought his players would absolutely love him but well… 😉

  4. Shadi Tawil (@shad2406)
    January 24, 2012

    great article my friend! he is clearly the best coach in the world, better than SAF in my opinion! awesome article

    • Sébastien
      January 24, 2012

      Thank you A LOT! 😀 Yes, I do think as well that he is the best manager in the world! I admire him a lot!

  5. Pekin
    January 24, 2012

    Real Madrid actually have a chance to win la liga this year. They may not like the style. However, it is not like they played any better under other coaches. When given total control, usually mou delivers. He has an ego and all that but at least they have a chance to win the la liga.

    • Pekin
      January 24, 2012

      Also I realize that he was brought to win classicos. Nevertheless, the title isn’t that bad.

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