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No “Bayern-Dusel” anymore!?

Not even two weeks ago I was calling for the infamous “Bayern-Gene” but I didn’t think about the even more infamous “Bayern-Dusel”. It’s pretty much the same but there is still a little nuance. It’s quite difficult to translate the German word “Dusel” in English. Some say it was “luck” and that’s already pretty close to the actual meaning of that word. You have “Dusel” when you get something good but you deserve it at all. Bayern was hated for that “Dusel” and “Bayern-Dusel” has become a well-known expression. But somehow that precious ability has gone lost and it doesn’t come back, no matter how badly it’s needed, for example in today’s game against Freiburg.

2 points. Bayern dropped 2 points in Breisgau and is 4 points behind Dortmund now. That doesn’t sound like a lot to some people but in football, those two points actually are a lot, espcially with a BVB in the current form! Even worse is that Gladbach has passed them by and conquered the second place of the Bundesliga. The championship title is a longer way away than ever before and many Bayern fans are already giving up hope on it. I still believe in it but I doubt it a little bit…

Many people all around the world are surely wondering how it is possible to only tie, as German record champion, against the bottom club. Actually it is pretty easy: Bayern was playing very badly and – just like most of the relegation-threatened clubs do – Freiburg was playing amazingly against the Bavarians. Freiburg was pressing forward over 90 minutes but they were also (counter-)attacking so that Bayern was struggling dangerously a few times.

Bayern was struggling against Freiburg...

What Bayern showed today was nearly a disgrace. They weren’t running enough, lost most of their duels and played too many misdirected passes. They did have about 70% possession of ball but most of their passes were played in the own half, not many could be completed in the attacking third. The midfield was non-existent, something that we haven’t been used to for the past two weeks. In Stuttgart and in Munich (against Kaiserslautern), the midfield was the most important part of the Bavarian passing and scoring machine but today there was no fuel, no energy anymore.

Bayern was actually lacking energy but also motivation and joy of playing. Müller was playing instead of Robben again but he had only one chance (in the 42nd minute) and lost 33% of his duels what is pretty bad. Kroos was even worse in my opinion. He mainly played misdirected passes and couldn’t organize the offensive plays at all. Franck Ribery was disappointing as well since he didn’t get many passes and Freiburg’s full-backs were playing very well.

David Alaba and Luiz Gustavo were first playing in the defensive midfield and were kind of a missing link between the forward and the defensive line. They were overextended and they did disappoint me. Today was actually the first and last time that I had been looking forward to seeing Alaba in the defensive midfield… Just like in the game away against Augsburg, they weren’t really harmonizing with each other and couldn’t control the centre what Freiburg profited by.

Freiburg's forward pressing was very effective!

In the first half Bayern had only had two shots on target, one of them was a goal that was disallowed by the referee because Holger Badstuber was offside. This happened in the first minutes of the games, the second shot on target, in the 42nd minute by Thomas Müller was very well saved by Baumann. In the second half Bayern did have some more opportunities but Freiburg’s clean sheet was never in danger. Mario Gomez only had the ball a few times and he wasn’t able to produce any danger with it either. Only Holger Badstuber was actually willing to score but unfortunately he didn’t.

In the second half Robben replaced Rafinha. Lahm was playing as right full-back and replaced by Alaba whose position was taken by Kroos. So Müller changed in the offensive midfield and Robben could play on his right wing. But Bayern’s game didn’t really improve. The first 5 minutes of the second half were pretty good, they had some opportunities and Robben animated the match but then Freiburg’s defense recollected and Bayern didn’t come through.

Kroos and Gustavo are playing too deeply, the full-backs have to do the whole work alone but Alaba, who's got the ball will fail because Freiburg doesn't give him any space at all and will attack him with 3 men.

The reason for Bayern’s lacking penetrating power was – don’t be surprised! – the defensive midfield. Kroos and Luiz Gustavo weren’t able to replace Bastian Schweinsteiger at all, what isn’t new though… But they didn’t even try to! They were playing way too deeply, almost on the same line as the central backs what created lots of space between them and the forward line. So the full-backs had to bring the ball to the wingers what was quite difficult since Freiburg was defending so well, especially on the wings.

As already said, Freiburg was defending and pressing forward amazingly but they weren’t afraid of occupying Bayern’s third. They did have some opportunities, the greatest in the 25th minute when Flum’s shot was blocked by Badstuber after he had won out over four Bayern defenders… In fact Freiburg did deserve that drawn thanks to their offensive and defensive actions. They didn’t give Bayern much space and won most of the duels which is unfortunately enough to break Bayern’s joy of playing.

Freiburg’s key to success were their full-backs. They were perfectly defending against Robbery but were also helping in the offensive. Especially Jonathan Schmid, a 21-year-old left full-back was doing a great job against Robben. The dutchman couldn’t create much opportunities and even had to defend against his French opponent in his own half! And this was crucial: since the offensively strong (Schmid is actually rather a right winger than a left full-back) full-backs were helping their wingers, Bayern’s wingers had to defend as well. So they were occupied in their own half and couldn’t be delivered some passes for counter attacks.

Bayern are too weak without Schweinsteiger...

In the end, Freiburg richly deserved that important point in the relegation battle even though I’m disappointed and sad that Bayern couldn’t win. It wouldn’t have been very fair though if Bayern had finally had their infamous “Bayern-Dusel” again but hey! who are we? We are Bayern and need to win the championship so any method to win would have been ok today! If the referee had accorded a penalty to Arjen Robben after Schmid had fouled him, the result might have been different and the “Bayern-Dusel” would have been back…

Thank you so much for reading my review of this game! I hope you enjoyed and will rate it! 🙂


2 comments on “No “Bayern-Dusel” anymore!?

  1. Emma
    February 19, 2012

    Really great article:)
    I really hope that Bayern can wake up soon and play like they used to play, the good way:/

    • Sébastien
      February 19, 2012

      Hey, thank you a lot for the comment! I think they will play better in the Champions League because they have never lacked motivation in that competition. Hopefully they are aware of the 4 points between them and the leader who is in a great form…and play better in the Bundesliga as well!

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